Jin Boone + Jennifer

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It’s the first time in my life that I saw someone print their own money. Yes, that’s right, the funky groom printed his own denomination with his own face on it. When I first met Jin Boone, he didn’t strike me as one of those crazy, all out guys but instead it was more of a laid back, sensible person (not that he’s not sensible lah!).

What followed on his wedding day was a sporting camaraderie of his comrades performing stunts and dance routines – it was all a big big laughing session. Sporting was the word of the day. His heng tais all came prepared to do battle – mentally and physically. Truth be told, when you have both sides that are super sporting, it makes for much more memorable photos.

When you look back at your wedding day’s photos many years later, it will still bring back smiles and laughter to you, I’m pretty sure of that.

Everyone had a short rest before proceeding to the beautiful Traders Hotel with entertainment by the evergreen group of The Jazzhats & Ray. Everyone evidently had a blast by the end of the evening, no doubt aided by the free flowing wine and beer served by the ever gracious host.

Please visit the full gallery here: Jin Boone + Jennifer

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