Jack + Lay @ Tirtha Uluwatu, Bali

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I had to shoot a back-to-back wedding in Bali this time around. It was purely coincidence that Lay contacted me right before I was scheduled to fly to Bali to shoot Andrew & Chin Siew’s wedding, and out of pure luck, the dates matched my schedule.

And so I found out that Jack & Lay decided to hold their wedding at the beautiful and stunning Tirtha Uluwatu in Bali, overlooking the sweeping view of the Indian Ocean. The professionalism of the staff in Tirtha was very evident throughout the day as they attended to their guests’ request with utmost courtesy and in a timely manner as well.

As we witnessed their matrimony among close friends and relatives, one could not help but marvel at the energy of happiness emanating from this two love-struck couple, such is their emotion and love displayed throughout the few days we were there with them. With perfect weather, gentle breeze, family, friends, and excellent food from Tirtha, this is Jack & Lay’s perfect wedding indeed.

Please enjoy the full gallery: https://www.alanleestudio.com/galleries/jack-lay-tirtha-uluwatu-bali/

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