Christopher + Poay Nee

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The Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang is such a iconic place that couples young and old from afar return every year to stay here just to bask in the atmosphere and history. But for Chris & Poay Nee, this marks the day where they announce to the world that they are now husband & wife. So on this fateful day, families and close friends came together to witness them hold their wedding vows at the beautifully landscaped gardens in E&O, and I vividly remember Poay Nee overcame with emotions as they exchanged rings.

It is tradition in Chinese weddings to offer a toast to the groom and bride, and usually by the end of the night, the groom would be pretty wasted. I would say on this day, the groom is only half wasted, so it is testament to the brothers of the groom that they are there for him to gulp up whatever amount of alcohol that was offered.

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