Chris + JJ @ Alor Setar

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In the sleepy and quiet town of Alor Setar, a happening wedding well, happened. This was a wedding where the distance between the groom and bride’s place is the shortest I’ve ever encountered. How short? Try walking from groom’s place to bride’s place, for all of 100 meters. Yeah, so complete with 2 Lion Dance and a lot of fanfare, Chris walked to fetch his lovely JJ accompanied by his heng tais in a matter of 5 minutes. 😛

There was no shortage of excitement as the “leg hair removal” game was on the menu – causing pain and laughter at the same time. Of course, the pain belongs to the heng tais and the laughter belongs to everyone except them. The games were all done in good sport though, the only victims are the leg hair and some burned tongue due to the cili padi.

I hope the photos does capture the day’s event in their most natural setting, and I hope you like them as much as I do capturing them!

The full gallery of photos are here:

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