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Yeaaa.. I know I’ve been lazy in updating this blog. Didn’t have much time and/or power to work my fingers and update. So, here’s Part 2 of my travel photos to Hong Kong, if you check back a few posts earlier, Part 1 is here. Let’s move on the photos, shall we?

Rise and shine! This was what greeted me after we’ve had our breakfast. No photos of breakfast though, sorry. After breakfast, we’re on our way to Hong Kong island – to The Peak specifically. To do that, we’ll have to cross over to the other side since we’re in Kowloon, so we decided to take the Ferry.

Alan Tam and Hacken Lee billboard on a bus. Muscle-men, eh?

I thought the glass shapes on one of the hotels was very interesting, so just took a quick shot while walking.

Boarding the Star Ferry… it’s going to be a short ride.

View from onboard the ferry… lovely right?

Yours truly, eh hemmm…

There it is… the world famous Star Ferry, a short but memorable ride. And so onward we go to board a bus that’ll take us to the tram station up The Peak.

This is the senget view from inside the tram on the way up.

And this is the actual view from the top. Which one’s nicer eh?

After more photo taking sessions, our stomachs started growling… and so began our quest for food. Finally settled on Mc’D because they had pork burger, which I haven’t tried before. Hehehe…

Stomachs filled, we walk around the small shopping complex at The Peak. Saw this interesting tin of cookies at Famous Amos, was tempted to get a tin, but finally decided against it.

We then headed to Madame Tussauds wax museum. Here, my little king posing with Clinton standing by his side. LOL!

So, by the time we went back down.. it was already evening time. Here’s a shot of the LV boutique with GA flanking it beside. Make sure your credit card can tahan though. 😛

After all that, we headed back to Mongkok for more jalan-jalan, and stumbled a shop that sells all sorts of mango desserts. Yummy! Just had to try these…

Smelly tofu anyone? Our legs were beat and we headed back to the hotel for a good night’s rest before continuing our journey for tomorrow.

Rise and shine! It’s the following morning, and this – fried rice, is what we had for breakfast. It actually tasted better than it looks, recommended.

Onward to Avenue of Stars! It’s a good thing that our hotel provides free shuttle every 30 mins or so to Tsim Sha Tsui, as that’s where the Avenue of Stars is located.

Yes, I’m telling you this. You suck as a director.

Moving on to Hong Kong station, more shopping/window shopping ensued.


Nice lines?

Do not cross? Do not walk? No human parking here? And according to me, HK has the best egg tarts in the world. I WOULD go there again just for the egg tarts. They are THAT good.

Then it was more shopping and generally walking around. Apple Shop that sells clothes and MTR station. Nice colours.

We have a 1pm flight to catch the next day so it’s time to head back to the hotel for packing up. Had a quick breakfast at one of the char chan teng (coffeehouse) just beside our hotel before heading to the airport.

Annndddd that’s all folks! It’s been a wonderful couple of days in HK, with the cooling weather and the sights and the food and the shopping. Till the next time.

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