WH + Aei Pre-Wedding @ Bangkok

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Kampung boy from Penang meets city girl of Bangkok. They are some of the nicest people that we have had the privilege to meet. Strictly speaking, this is not a 100% pre-wedding shoot as we spent half of the time eating, and relaxing, and eating. With an entourage of people, fun is the keyword here as the couple and their friends, and teetoo and TY were just fooling around.

Set amidst the colorful and electric background of Bangkok and Hua Hin, it provided for much contrast among these 2 places, Bangkok is full of bubbling energy everywhere you go, while Hua Hin is so laidback in every corner of the place. Woon Hong and Aei did a great job though, as you can see from these set of photos. With that said, I hope you like the photos as much as we enjoyed shooting them.

The full set of photos are here: https://www.alanleestudio.com/galleries/wh-aei-bangkok/

Kob Kun Krab!

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