ShinChiou | Good Morning

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So this is the 2nd time I’ve shot ShinChiou (I’ll post the 1st session soon), and also the last portrait session that I’ve done in 2012. The theme today is to portray her as an energetic, bubbly and easy going girl – which fits her personality to a T. I was expecting the sun to shine brightly as they’ve been that way the past few days before the shoot, but alas, the sun was hiding behind a huge group of clouds and refuse to show himself for the entire duration of the shoot.

Well, one’s got to do what one’s got to do. No spirits were dampened though as ShinChiou went through various poses like a seasoned pro. Shot at one of the beaches beside a fishing village in Teluk Bahang, it provided the perfect backdrop for us as there are less people frequenting this stretch of the beach.

As soon as we were done with the session, guess what… the sun came out peeking at us. How frustrating! No matter, I hope this series of photos is good enough for public consumption.


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