Lek @ Bangkok

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This series was shot in Bangkok, Thailand. Lek’s real name (Eknaree Srikaewthum), was too long and difficult for me to pronounce. Like most Thais, thankfully she has a nickname so that solves a lot of communication issue. Here comes the easy part – shooting her. At first she turned up in braided hair and I got a minor shock as it wasn’t something I had in mind at all. Then with the hair style changed, she was hesitant at first as a messy hair photoshoot is something quite alien to her.

Slowly but surely, she warmed up to the idea of the theme and eventually turned in a virtuoso performance full of feel. I can say she’s a natural in front of the camera as there’s something about her gaze that speaks to you. I decided to present this whole series in B&W as I feel it fits perfectly with the feel of the shoot.

Here’s the link to the full gallery: https://www.alanleestudio.com/portraits/lek-bangkok/

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