What is your photography style?

I enjoy shooting weddings on a journalistic, candid non-posed and non-obtrusive style. To let the day’s event flow as naturally as possible, and to let everyone be themselves as much as possible. Of course, formal shots like family and group photos needs to be well, formal and posed, but other than that it’s freedom for everyone.

How much will it cost me?

Prices starts from RM2000 onwards for a typical full day wedding. Personal or family portraits start from RM400 onwards. Please enquire with me for a more comprehensive list of what you will be getting and also to discuss your requirements.

Do you provide videography services?

As I am a specialist in photography, I only provide photography services. However, should you require videography services, I can refer you to some contacts. Prices are upwards of RM3K.

Do you shoot weddings outside of Penang? What are the additional charges?

Yes of course I do :). I will travel to locations around the globe as long as my passport allows me to. As for pricing, expect to pay for transportation fees if it’s nearby Penang, otherwise a fee for travelling, accommodation, and misc. costs needs to be worked out. Do contact me so that we can discuss with further as every outstation wedding is unique in terms of logistics required.

When should I book you?

As soon as you’ve determined that I am the right photographer for your wedding. This might be 9 – 12 months in advance, depending on the date. There are some ‘hot’ dates in a year (especially ones that are on year-end) that gets quickly filled up, so if your wedding falls on these dates, it is always a good idea to book your wedding photographer as early as possible.

How many photos will I get of my wedding?

Averagely, a typical full day wedding will yield about 600 – 800 photos. As I shoot an unlimited amount of photos during your wedding, there is also no limit to the number of photos that you will receive. Of course, this does not mean that if I manage to shoot 2000 photos, you will receive all 2000 of them. There is a rigorous selection process where repeated, no-good, and unusable shots are simply not selected for editing.

What is SDE?

SDE stands for Same-Day-Edit, where the morning ceremony’s photos are selected, edited and then rendered into a video slideshow for playback during the dinner reception. This is a very popular method to show your guests on what transpired during the morning, and to share with them the happy and joyful moments.

When can I expect to get the photos?

Please allow for 30 working days before the photos are ready. I understand that every couple is eager to view photos of their big day as soon as possible, but it simply is better to let your photographer edit your photos on a good pace rather than rush through your photos. Rushing will invariably result in a lower quality outcome for your photos.

Can you provide me with the RAW files?

The honest answer is sorry but no. You’ve paid good money to let your wedding photographer capture your day’s best moments and it is right that only he has the vision to edit the photos accordingly. Providing RAW photos would mean extra work for you (you paid good money, remember?) and is generally not a good idea as your edited version – good or bad, might be construed as the photographer’s work.

How do I book you for our wedding?

A deposit payment is needed in order to secure the date. Do note that a verbal statement indicating your wish to book me on a certain date does not constitute a secure booking. Please use the Contact form on this website to get in touch with me, and providing me with your wedding details as much as possible. We will then get the ball rolling from there!

Note about image rights

All legal rights to the photos belongs to Alan Lee Photography. As long as the photos are not used in a commercial manner, you may freely distribute it as you wish. This may include making additional copies, printing, uploading to social networks, or making photo books for personal usage. Reason is because if you send in your photos to a commercial entity such as magazines, and they do not correctly credit my work, it would deem that the photo was their work instead.

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